I asked Travis and Akil to come on to discuss the intersection between being a personal trainer and delving into the world of rehab and injury. They both run a company called 3M Athletic Performance. Akil is a practising physical therapist who used to be a personal trainer and Travis is a full-time personal trainer with a keen interest and academic background in the rehab and injury world. We discuss how trainers can build relationships with physios, how to find good physios, injury prevention for trainers, whether form and technique contribute to injury, posture, how life stress affects peoples perception of pain and more!

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  • [02.46] – Akil and then Travis talk about personal trainers developing relationships with physiotherapists/ physical therapists
  • [08.38] – How to go about finding good evidence-based physiotherapists
  • [12.53] – Why it’s well worth going to see the physio yourself before sending your clients to them.
  • [18.08] – How to troubleshoot when a client is having pain in a personal training session and how to decide when to refer out.
  • [26.53] – Knowing what both Akil and Travis know about the world of physio and personal training, what would they say to their younger selves?
  • [31.38] – Why injury prevention isn’t all about activating inactive muscles and lengthening tight ones.
  • [34.04] – Does form/ technique contribute to injury risk?
  • [38.48] – What should a personal trainer look for in a consult/ assessment to prevent injury?
  • [41.28] – Does posture contribute to injury risk?
  • [44.58] – Why does life stress affect pain?