Laura Dubler and Will Holmes are a couple who run a small personal training facility called Core Training in Switzerland. Switzerland announced that gyms could be opened from early May, so they’ve had 6+ weeks worth of reopening experience now. I asked them to come on talk about what they’ve learnt during that time. We cover whether or not they’ve kept their online offering, how their clients have found coming back into the gym, how they’ve found coaching while social distancing and a bunch of unexpected things that will help you plan for your gym reopening.

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Find Out More About Laura & Will:

  • [02.45] – How Laura and Will ended up opening a gym in Switzerland
  • [05.58] – How their business model works
  • [09.43] – How they have found reopening their gym since lockdown has been lifted in Switzerland
  • [11.55] – Did they keep their online offering alongside reopening their gym?
  • [16.25] – How many of their members came straight back in as they announced their gym was back open?
  • [17.25] – Have they had any clients who have learnt they’ve got COVID as they reopened?
  • [19.55] – How they plan to handle things if a client announces they have COVID and were in the gym yesterday?
  • [24.03] – What rules they have around wearing masks and things like social distancing and cleaning?
  • [27.03] – How they’ve found not being able to touch clients when coaching?
  • [37.25] – Have they had any clients who have come in and then decided against it?
  • [41.15] – How they’ve handled cleaning and sanitizing equipment?
  • [47.50] – Training clients who have had COVID and how it’s affected their recovery