All Level 3 courses should come with a warning,

“Warning, this can be a lonely industry at times.”

I walked out of my 7 week L3 course thinking I had made it. “I am now a Personal Trainer, I will be inundated with clients and people wanting to train with me.”  Boy was I wrong. My phone wasn’t ringing off the hook and I was struggling to get any clients.  Luckily, I was doing outdoor bootcamps so my overheads were low and I had my shed converted to a small studio. I had nobody to turn to for advice or to bounce ideas off because I never worked in a commercial gym. I was lost, unsure and facing the fear of the unknown.

The Answer

In November 2013, Chris put out his first post about LTB and I knew I had to get on board. This was my chance to have a safe place where I could ask questions, bounce ideas of others and not feel like I was losing my mind and the only one going through this.

LTB changed the game for personal trainers because it gave us a platform to learn from industry leaders. It gave us a place to ask questions and have them answered by Chris and his team. I am lucky to be one of the original 24 members of LTB and it continues to help me grow as a coach, a person and now as a business owner after 4 and a half years. It is only now I FEEL like I have a business.

It has helped me provide a living for my family and recently, allowed my wife to change her job. Something that would never have been an option a few years ago. But with everything LTB has taught me, I have been able to implement it into my business which has helped me grow each year.

The ongoing education LTB provides, the courses that are available are the best out there. Gregg’s, Understanding Weight Loss Course is one of the most enjoyable courses I have taken. It takes complex studies and research journals and breaks them down so that they are easy to understand and digest.

It is fair to say that without LTB, I wouldn’t have my business and no business would mean no gym. You really don’t have to go it alone. LTB and the 1000+ members are there to help you out.

Check out the courses available for members here or Sign up for the 2 week free trial here

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