I am an imposter.

I am, I have been, and I will be in many different forms. But mostly in my professional life.

If you’re like me, you very likely spend more time worrying about whether you’re good enough. Whether it’s in anticipation of another new client consultation, walking into a room full of other fitness professionals or even something as seemingly small as posting to Facebook.

Otherwise known as Imposter Syndrome, this feeling is perfectly normal but it’s also not something you have to succumb to and, over the years, this is something I’ve actively worked on. In fact, I now truly believe that Imposter Syndrome can be a fantastic feeling so long as you are able to turn it on its head, use it and harness the power of it to drive you forwards.

Here’s 3 ways, I’ve not only learnt to deal with Imposter Syndrome but to actually use it to create a business from scratch and drive it forwards into yearly growth.

  1. Accept it

When we understand something, we’re able to move on from it. The problem is, this is one of the most difficult steps because when you’re the one in the middle of the feelings, they feel pretty real. So how do you differentiate between your perception of yourself and reality? Listen to others.

I used to be notoriously bad at this. Looking back to my former life, I know I was a good teacher, but I didn’t believe it at the time. For me, the breakthrough only happened when I left the profession and was able to reflect on it. Perhaps that’s because it is a stressful occupation to be in — long hours, hard work, and the results of others wearing heavy on your mind — sound familiar?!

What I do now is listen to the people who matter — my clients. Am I doing a good job? Do they feel they’re getting results? Are they recommending me? They are who matter and rather than beat myself up over things that may not matter, if there truly is something I can do better, they are the ones who will let me know. Aside of that I accept that I will never believe I’m good enough and in actual fact, I don’t think that’s a bad thing because…

  1. You can always be better

Read this positively. Accept this.

No matter what your current ‘best’ is, you can always be better. If you believe this, the great thing is you’re already one step ahead of everyone else in the game! Whilst you feel you can always be better, you’ll always be that person who seeks out new knowledge, who finds new training opportunities, who listens to clients and develops as a result of that.

Set yourself a plan and go out there and learn more; becoming an LTB member is great for this but ultimately seek out all the learning opportunities you can! Accept that you will never be the finished article, but that no one is, and by actively becoming a perpetual student you are committing to becoming better tomorrow than you were today.

That’s not how an imposter behaves!

  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway

I’ve a feeling I’ve just stolen the name of someone’s book that I’ve not yet read. Regardless, it’s the perfect sentiment for this.

You will always feel fearful of the unknown; the majority of us have brains which are designed to resist change. It’s also sometimes difficult to differentiate between fear and excitement. What you need to do is turn that fear into excitement and if it’s the right thing to do, as you progress, you’ll feel that too.

That feeling you get just before you experience your first skydive, your first abseil, your first muddy water obstacle… that feeling is fear. Stand too long and it will take over, you’ll back away from the edge and you won’t jump. But when you feel it and jump anyway… that feeling turns from fear to exhilaration.

Feel the fear, accept it, and then jump.


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