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Flexible, affordable and designed to help you become an exceptional personal trainer.


Join a growing community of more than 1000 Personal Trainers, Health Professionals and experts in the field of health, fitness and business.

See below for more information on our resources as well as what some of our members have to say.

Immediately applicable content

70+ courses, 120+ webinars,  multiple downloads and 10+ magazines. Whatever you want to learn is here, whatever you want to apply is available.

Access content wherever you are

A mixture of video, audio, downloads and immediately accessible tools all available at the click of a button on desktop or mobile.

Your questions answered

We’ve answered over 15,000 questions from our members and archived them into the most useful FAQ our industry has ever seen. Answers to your questions are just a few clicks away.

A multimedia learning experience

We cover video, print, ebook and live learning days to match the learning needs of every personal trainer.


Accelerate your career, grow your Personal Trainer business and drive more sales with Lift The Bar Fitness Education.

70+ Courses

Covering all aspects of personal training from communication, lead generation and business to programming and nutrition.

Downloadable and printed magazines

Regular member magazines covering all things motivational science, communication, business, training and nutrition.

120+ Webinars

Some of the top names in the industry share knowledge on every aspect of personal training.

Immediate Downloads

Downloadable tools including flyer templates, PARQ’s, Screening packs, welcome documents and more.


What do I get access to on the trial?

You get full access to everything in our Standard Level membership.

That's over 1000 lessons across 70+ courses plus 70+ downloads and 80+ webinars covering all aspects of being a personal trainer: Coaching, nutrition, marketing, confidence, personal development, customer service, behaviour change and more.

Plus you get to join our friendly, supportive member only Facebook group where there is always someone who can provide support and answers to your questions giving you peace of mind that you have a support network at your back when you need it.

You can access Session:X our platform providing follow along sessions for mobility, Yoga, Pilates and meditation which you can use for yourself and roll out to your clients for their use between their sessions with you.

And you can download our back catalogue of member magazines, our classes guide and our New Trainer Guide for free.

Once you start your trial you get the option for a welcome call and personal recommendations based on your situation and goals which can help you navigate the options and get started on the stuff you want!

What is the ongoing cost after the trial?

Our goal is to keep the cost as affordable as possible so it's only £49 a month. This means it's covered by 1-2 sessions a month and you only need to use a fraction of the resources to get value for your money!

What is my commitment? Can I cancel?

We hope that you love LTB as much as we do and choose to stay with us however there is no commitment to stay on after the trial.

You can cancel at any time by cancelling your payment profile in Thrivecart. The instructions on how to do so are linked on your welcome email, the announcement post in the member Facebook group and on the cancellation page on the member site. Or you can just respond to any of the emails you receive from us if you have any issues or questions about it.

Who is LTB for?

LTB is for all personal trainers who want reliable, supported information, education and advice from people who have both theoretical and practical experience on all aspects of personal training.

There is something for everyone and we have some members who are newly qualified, others who have been in the industry for decades and every stage in between.

I've been a member before, can I sign up for another trial?

Unfortunately not, we'd love to have you back and you can use the same link to sign up. Just change the payment option to "Returning member" and ignore the redirect to register on the site. As soon as we can after your payment comes through we'll reactivate your previous site registration and get you back onboard.

Featured Testimonials

“I wouldn’t be without LTB. It’s an amazing place to develop and learn. It’s a lonely industry and once qualified, with let’s be honest not the fullest of knowledge, you’re left to your own devices. LTB gives you community, support and education on all aspects of PT, business and a host of other things. Love it!!”

Caroline Zanre

“I've learned to deliver PT sessions that my clients love and get great results from and I've managed to build up a large enough client base to go fully self-employed with the help of Lift The Bar.

Not only do you have access to everything you would ever need on the member's site, but the Facebook group is the  most friendly and supportive community I've ever been a part of

I would highly recommend Lift The Bar to anyone who is looking to build their skillset as a PT.  ”

Jack Williamson

“The single best continuous professional development resources for personal trainers.

Lift The Bar supported me and my business through COVID, they've helped me improve my knowledge and services and encouraged me every step of the way.”

Emily Cokayne Skinner

“The best continuing training and education for trainers in the world. So good I’ve travelled from the US to the UK in order to meet and work with the best on the planet.

It’s made me a better coach, trainer, businessman and all around person. Be among like minded people that will support you.”

Eric Wylie

*Membership continues at £49 a month unless cancelled. Returning members are not entitled to the trial price option